The First Step to a Better Digital Strategy

How does your website compare to those of your competitors? Do your eNewsletters and social posts achieve high open rates and impressive engagement rates? Can people find you online if they search for your company’s products and services? What are your biggest challenges when it comes to promoting your company online and do you have a strategy to compete?

A Snapshot of Your Current Digital Landscape

In order to define a winning digital strategy for your brand, we must first carefully assess your current digital landscape. We need to review your current (if any) digital presence and online activities in order to work out what’s working well, what’s falling short of expectations, and what’s actually hurting your brand. At Digital Gold HQ, we carry out a comprehensive and informative current state analysis that will ultimately drive and informs the decisions we take at a strategic level.

Benchmarks, Baselines and a Vision for the Future

There are a number of important points we consider when carrying out a current state analysis. These points will help us build a detailed picture of your current position, as well as of the path you will need to take in order to grow stronger and more profitable online. This step is therefore essential in properly assessing how your business can get more from digital, and how to proceed in order to maximise success.

What we do at Digital Gold HQ

How Digital Gold HQ Does Current State Analysis

You may already have your own assessment of your current situation, after all, you know your business much more intimately than anyone else can. However, what works for one brand/industry may not work well for another. That’s why we alway advocate a third party, independent review to ensure that the message your customers receive is the same one you intended to convey.

Some of the areas we consider during our Current State Analysis are:

  • Company Website Audit: Your website is at the very heart of your digital strategy, so it is vital to ensure it satisfies and even exceeds your customers’ needs and expectations.
  • Competitor Analysis: Understanding your competitors' positions will help with mitigating the threats they pose and finding ways to get your business an edge.
  • Consumer Analysis: Understanding your customers needs and expectations will help you target your digital efforts for maximum impact.
  • Digital Channel Audit: An analysis of how well your social channels are working will tell us how well you’re attracting new customers and engaging existing ones.
  • Industry Analysis: Providing important context on digital marketing within the industry you are operating in.

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