Turning Research Into Results

How often have you run a costly online campaign only for the results to fall far short of expectation? Frustrating, isn't it? Well, you're not alone. So often we kick off our marketing efforts with the best of intentions, posting videos, blogs and promotions at will, only to lose enthusiasm when the results prove less than impressive.This can be discouraging for both you and your team!

At Digital Gold HQ our team of experienced consultants base all of their strategic recommendations on metrics and research-driven insights. We start by conducting a Current State Analysis of your entire online presence. This analysis allows us to draw specific conclusions that help guide you towards greater online success. And because our conclusions are research-based and data-driven, our findings are acutely attuned to your individual situation.

Uncovering Hidden Opportunities

So why bother with the research phase? One of the key things we look for when analysing our research results is any opportunity for significant improvement in your business. We look for opportunities to improve your existing digital processes, we identify social channels that are currently underused, or, ways in which your investment of time and money could be diverted away from strategies which are delivering poor returns in favour of those which have the potential to be much more effective.

Big fish chasing a small fish

Dealing With the Digital Dangers

Our analysis will inevitably reveal not only positives but negatives; or to put it another way, the opportunities and threats posed by the efforts of your competition. This is good news, because once you understand the specifics of the competitive threats facing your business you can start introducing measures to mitigate those risks and “fight back” so that you maintain a strong and competitive market position.

Talk to Us

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