Boosting Your Authority with High Value Connections

Search engines constantly strive to bring the best results to searchers, and to do this they aim to analyse whether a site is an authority in its field. To do this, they look at its relationship with other sites on the web, and this is where link-building and authority optimisation comes in.

Authority, Link-Building, and SEO

The role of links in search engine optimisation is to work out how relevant, useful and authoritative a site is. Links coming in from other respected, high-quality resources are taken as an indication that people have found the site useful and therefore worth linking to. This is one of the biggest factors in search engine optimisation, but most companies have no idea what their current link profile is or how it stacks up against their competitors.

Building quality inbound links is made all the harder by the fact that not all links are created equal. Some low-quality, easy-to-get links are entirely worthless and damaging even, yet continue to be offered in large volumes by more dubious SEO companies.

In order to have any value as part of a search engine optimisation campaign, your inbound links must be from respected sites with their own established authority, incorporated into high quality content.

Our Authority, Link-Building and Social Services

Establishing authority and getting search engines to see you as a quality site worthy of higher rankings takes time and effort. It requires a steadily-growing pool of quality backlinks to be built up over time on authority sites and social media. This is something that the great majority of businesses just don't have the capacity to handle in-house.

The expert Optimisation Team at Digital Gold HQ will use a combination of search marketing techniques and direct authority contacts to build up a good, reliable stream of incoming backlinks. These will be incorporated into a range of content types distributed across a number of well-regarded sites. We carry out a detailed audit in order to give a significant boost to your social media footprint, a work hard to optimise each social profile for maximum search engine rankings.

To find out more about how we can establish your authority and help you climb search rankings, please don't hesitate to contact us for a chat.