Technical Optimisation and Auditing for On-Page SEO

Technical Auditing and Optimisation for Search Engines

When carrying out website optimisation to improve search engine rankings, the first thing we do is look at the site from a technical perspective because that's how the search engine's bots will see it. We carry out a complete, manual audit of important technical criteria, such as code compression, structure, metadata, tags and page speed. We also set up analytics and webmaster tools that allow us to thoroughly analyse valuable data and track results.

Doing this enables us to identify how your site is currently performing from a technical standpoint and how it stacks up against the search engines' idea of a perfectly built site. We draw up a detailed picture of where your site is performing well and where it needs specific tactics to improve its performance.

Why Technical SEO Matters

Technical optimisation of a website makes it easy for search engines to navigate, analyse and index a site's content properly. It ensures that all important content and information gets “seen”.

The online world is a competitive place and will undoubtedly become even more competitive in years to come. Getting things right as quickly as possible is important in making sure that customers find your site and not a competitor's.

At Digital Gold HQ, we work with you to ensure that your site is fully and completely optimised in a way that meets your business goals and helps you to be competitive in a busy online marketplace.

Like to find out more?

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