Achieving social media marketing success can be a huge boost to your business online. You can reach a much wider audience, publicize your brand in a professional manner, and draw interested parties to your website just when they’re ripe for conversion. Social media marketing IS one of the most powerful marketing strategies available to all businesses.

As with most things, however, achieving success may not be easy. Social media marketing success depends a lot on having the right approach and the right attitude.

To create content that will be effective as a marketing tool, think carefully about the following traits that you’ll need to develop and nurture within yourself and your social media team.

  1. Be Aspirational: To engage with potential customers, you need to appeal to their wants and needs. Try to offer content that will engage on an emotional level, and appeals to their desires and aspirations in business or in life.
  2. Be Attentive: Social media is a two-way communication channel, and a great way to understand your customers. This is vital in working out what kind of content will appeal to them and get results. Listen to what they are saying and let that guide you.
  3. Be Bold: A lot of the time, social media users are only half paying attention as they scroll through their feeds. If you want your post to consistently get noticed and singled out for real engagement, you need to create content that is bold and attention-grabbing.
  4. Be Consistent: Posts lose a lot of their power if they are not part of a consistent and regular drive to maintain engagement with your audience. Post regularly and frequently and, above all, be consistent.
  5. Be Cheerful: People don’t want to engage with miserable or dull content. They want something to make them feel good. There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as some charities, but for the most part cheerful content is successful content.
  6. Be Creative: Bland, boring content is a fast route to failure. Even if content is not especially bad, people won’t engage if it is too by-the-books or just like a dozen other things. Be creative and original in order to stand out.
  7. Be Daring: If you never take risks you will never be exceptional. Don’t be afraid to get a little provocative; it will get you noticed and talked about.
  8. Be Determined: Don’t let poor results put you off. They are just the first step on the road to good results. Work out what’s wrong, learn, and improve.
  9. Be Engaged: When people contact you or comment on your posts, respond. Engaging directly and positively with customers is some of the best PR you can get.
  10. Be Focused: Make sure all your posts are relevant to your business and your goal’s. Everything else is wasted energy.
  11. Be Generous: Give something of value away for free. Whether it’s through a gift or competition, this is one of the best ways to get shares and build your reputation.
  12. Be Helpful: Give out useful and valuable information. People like (and share) helpful posts, and they appreciate businesses that make them.
  13. Be Organised: Organisation is efficiency, and efficiency means maximum returns for minimum effort. Have organised, structured processes in place for social media management.
  14. Be Patient: Social media marketing success is powerful but, like most kinds of success, it’s not instant. Be willing to stick with social marketing until you get there.
  15. Be Proud: You might not want to overdo it, but as a rule you shouldn’t be afraid of overtly promotional posts. Be proud of your brand, and share what you think makes it great.

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Nina Epellé
Nina Epellé
Founder and Principal Consultant, Digital Gold HQ

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