Learn powerful techniques for promoting your event
Our social media masterclass will teach you how to use your social media channels to promote your event to the right target audience and sell every, single seat!
Are you a business owner planning on running your own events this year? Are you tired of struggling to fill every seat? Tired of struggling to attract the right event attendees interested in your products and services? Have you struggled to engage the right influencers in your event and found it difficult to drive traffic to your event registration page? Have you wasted valuable time, effort and money on marketing campaigns that simply do not work?
It's time to let YOUR event stand out from the crowd! Time to turbocharge your event marketing campaigns and start attracting the right prospects and event attendees who are ready and willing to invest in your products and services and who are buzzing with excitement about your impending event!
Learn tried and tested event marketing practices
Nina Epellé
Digital Strategist, Digital Gold HQ
Hi. I'm Nina Epellé and I'm the founder and principal digital marketing consultant at Digital Gold HQ. With over 20 years of experience managing digital and social media projects across the world, I've spent the last three years refining my digital skills and expertise to focus on the challenges experienced by SMEs in an entirely digital age. I'm determined to help my clients elevate their brands, position and promote themselves in front of the right prospects, optimise their social channels and marketing activities and achieve outstanding value and substantial ROI.
And now I've turned my skills and attention to marketing events through social media and teaching you absolutely everything you need to make promoting your event a resounding success. If this sounds like something you might need, then follow my link to register on my event marketing masterclass.

As a business owner, have you ever:

  • Desperately wanted to put on an event but weren't sure how to fill every seat?
  • Tried to promote your event but failed to reach the right target audience?
  • Failed to drive the right traffic to your Event Registration Page?
  • Found your marketing efforts to be spontaneous, lacklustre and inadequate?
  • Had people attend your event who simply weren't interested in your brand?

What you'll achieve during our Event Marketing Masterclass
What will change once you've learned our Event Marketing Social Media tactics?
Senior Digital Strategist

With innovation and business know-how, our Senior Digital Strategist can realise the vision of each project and knows how to get results.


Being the voice of every brand.Using detailed insight and creativity, we create compelling copy across a range of platforms.

Marketing Executive

With engagement and charm, our Marketing Executive transforms ideas into sparkling social media campaigns.

Graphic designer

With creativity and ideas in abundance, we use branding, colour and style to attract, engage and convert.

Turbocharge your event marketing results
Use groundbreaking social media tactics to sell out your events, courses and exhibitions.
What you'll learn during our Event Marketing Bootcamp
SESSION 1: Define Your Event Marketing Goals
Learn how to set appropriate business goals for your event and use those goals to guide all of your subsequent social media marketing activities.
SESSION 2: Define a Bulletproof Strategy
Learn how to build a comprehensive bulletproof social media strategy that lets you target the right audience, in the right place, at the right time, leveraging a full range of social media programmes
SESSION 3: Define Your Channels of Choice
Learn how to identify which social media channels are right for your business and how to use them to effectively target keen prospects and hot leads who are ready and willing to pay for your services.
SESSION 4: Tools, Templates and Tactics
Learn how to put it all together, integrating social media into your brand's event promotional mix using our tried and tested tools, templates and tactics to fill every single seat in your event.
Learn powerful techniques for promotion your event
This course is for you if:

You plan on organising an event of any kind this year

You'd like to use an inexpensive means of filling every available seat

You want your event's social media presence to be outstanding

You'd like to have people liking, sharing and talking about your event long before it happens

Where and when
DATE: Tuesday, 29th June 2018
PLACE: First Central 200, 2 Lakeside Drive, London NW10 7FQ
TIME: 9:30am - 3:30pm
It's time to start creating next level social media campaigns for your event - fill every seat

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