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There’s no denying the complete and utter explosion of content marketing and social media marketing in recent years. While some organisations might have been slow to catch on, many brands have been quick to respond and have successfully propelled themselves far ahead of their online competition.

Get Ahead and Stay Ahead With Social Media Marketing

Anywhere you go online, there are a few companies that really stand out. They're ever-present, front of mind, there exactly when you need them. How have they build such remarkable brands? They’ve done so by promoting their products and services across a set of carefully selected social platforms. And while it may have taken some investment to up-skill their internal teams, the rewards have proved well worth the effort. This effort has allowed previously unknown brands to build larger than life reputations and cultivating loyal customer followings as a result of a series of smart, well-crafted viral campaigns.

The trouble is, it’s tough running a successful small business. Competition for customers is rife, while time is poor and resources are often limited. And though we may start off with the best of intentions, the reality of rolling out a wonderfully engaging content strategy often proves to be far more challenging than we bargained for. The burden of producing consistently high quality content can be a overwhelming for smaller organisations. Which obviously leads to lost opportunities, lost customers and lost revenue.

Build a Brand Worth Following With Branded Content Marketing

For all businesses, content marketing and social media marketing are two of the strongest ways of identifying leads and driving customers to your website. Regular, good-quality content is loved by search engines and this is what turns chance website visitors into paying customers. Social media marketing is a powerful tool that gets your content seen, spreading your company's message, and driving both new and repeat business.

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How This Helps You

Content marketing and social media strategies work best when delivered hand-in-hand as a part of a fully fully integrated digital marketing strategy. A content strategy, properly-executed with high-value, relevant content is loved by search engines and customers alike. The result will be better rankings on relevant searches and more high-value traffic coming to your site instead of your competitor's. Good content will also serve to engage and persuade your site visitors, turning them from casual surfers into real, loyal customers.

A sound social media strategy helps to share your content with relevant, interested audiences, driving yet more traffic to your site ready for conversion. It also provides a contact point which can be used not only to make contact with new customers but to maintain contact with existing ones, promoting sustained brand awareness and driving more repeat custom. It generates strong inbound links (backlinks) to your own website, something else that search engines love.

Content and Social Media Marketing From Digital Gold HQ

At Digital Gold HQ, we have the expertise to carry out effective content and social media marketing, designed to work in tandem with one another and appeal to humans and search engines alike. Our service combines three distinct elements, which can be provided individually but are much more effective when working together:

Content Marketing & Social Media Management

Affordable, scalable & expertly delivered - the perfect 'managed' digital marketing solution for your company or brand. With prices starting at just

£150 per month

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