As a business owner, you’ve probably followed all of the readily available expert advice and set up a Facebook Page, right? And you’ve spent precious time and effort consistently scheduling posts, hoping to build up enough traction to boost traffic to your website and increase sales. It’s been a few months now and you’re starting to getting a little worried, nay, dismayed. Where are the Facebook Likes, website traffic and online sales you were repeatedly assured would be a forgone conclusion? You’re starting to think that Facebook Pages aren’t all they’re cracked up to be…

If your Facebook marketing results haven’t quite lived up to expectation, don’t despair, you’re certainly not alone. Many business owners can’t understand why their pages aren’t building tracking or getting the reach and conversions they’d expect.

However, before you pack it all in entirely, it’s worth taking a moment to review your approach and make sure you’ve set up and structured your marketing efforts in the right way in order to achieve optimal results. Sometimes, even a few small changes can improve your overall branding, credibility and likability, making it that much easier for new audiences to engage with you when they first encounter your Page.

Try these fantastic tips that will immediately improve your Facebook Marketing efforts:

1. Page Details

First of all, make sure you fill out all of your Page details. Most especially, make sure you include a full description of who you are and the benefits you provide your customers. Also, make sure you include your opening hours and all of your contact information.

 2. Facebook Cover Art

Updating your cover art on a regular basis is a great way of refreshing your brand and keeping it from becoming stale, stagnant and boring. The new art also appears in your fans’ newsfeed, thus reminding them that you’re active and attentive to your brand. At a minimum, you should update your FB cover art at the beginning of every quarter, but special occasions and national holidays always work well too.

3. Facebook Vanity URL

Always use your own vanity URL with your Facebook Page. Vanity URLs are easy to convey, easy to remember, and usually, much shorter than the coded link that is generated automatically when you set up the page. Once you’ve set up your page and have a certain number of likes, you can request your own vanity url by going to

4. Call to Action Buttons

You’ll see that just under your cover art is a blue call to action (CTA) button. Use it! You can edit it to say Book Service, Get in Touch, Learn More, etc., and it’s an excellent way of prompting people to take the next step with you.

5. Friends to your Facebook page and events

From time to time, invite your friends, family and online contact to like your Page. Even if you invite around 5 contacts a day, at least one of them should respond positively so you should slowly start to build a good following.

6. Create Great Content

So here’s the really important part. We know that people don’t come to Facebook to watch ads. Nobody does, right? So, if you want to get noticed, you’ll have to get creative. Create content that is interesting, entertaining, informative, high value, viral and engaging. Try to put yourself in the mind of your followers and before posting anything, always ask yourself, “Let’s see, is this a piece of content that I’d be willing to share?”

7. Prioritise Picture, Videos and Live Videos

FB is fast becoming a very visual tool because people love to see images and live videos. So, prioritise this type of content in your newsfeed. Your images should be fun, appealing and of a high quality, always optimised to the right  dimensions for the platform. And try to ensure your images are always branded. And if you haven’t started yet, try incorporating Live video streaming into your content. Facebook will always prioritise this type of content because it want people to stay within the FB platform.

8. Tell Interesting Stories 

This is another really important fact. People hate being sold to so make sure your posts aren’t too salesy in nature. Instead, get creative and tap in to your creative storytelling talents. You could create stories around your employees, yourself as the business owner, your products and services, or even some interesting and exciting developments in your industry. Whatever the story, make sure it’s one that is relevant to your business and one that your audience will find particularly interesting.

9. Create Events 

Creating and adding events to your page is also another way of extending your reach, attracting new audiences and looking for ways of engaging with your fans and followers. Even a simple coffee morning or drinks after work can get people talking.

10. Scheduling Tools

Don’t be afraid of using scheduling tools to help with your time management and workflow. Buffer and Hootsuite are two of the most popular ones but many more exist. They offer convenience, efficiency and tracking metrics (the better tools on the market should alway help you with tracking) and are well worth a small monthly fee if they require some type of subscription.

Get Posting

Running a successful business page may seem like a lot of effort, but it’s definitely worth it once you’ve set things up properly. So, start off by working your way through the above tips and the tune in next week for our next set of steps that’ll help you go even further in building a successful brand online.


Nina Epellé
Nina Epellé
Founder and Principal Consultant, Digital Gold HQ

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