Lead Generation: Strategy, Design & Management

In the simplest possible terms, marketing is a two-step process:

  • Lead Generation: Getting people's attention and getting them interested in your business. This might mean interested enough to give you a call, or just to have a quick look around your website.
  • Conversion: Taking those initial leads, and turning them into paying, loyal customers. Once they have taken an interest in your company, it is important they find enough substance to persuade them to bring you their custom and invest in your products or services on a regular basis.

If you only have one of these things, then you are spending money and effort on half a job. Either you are making people not quite interested enough to buy from you, or you are creating a website that would deliver plenty of conversions if only more people saw it.

At Digital Gold HQ, we use a number of tried-and-tested techniques, carried out with high-level expertise, to ensure that we not only generate plenty of relevant and promising leads, but that your business is optimised to turn those leads into revenue.

Hand holding a large magnet which in drawing in many customers

Drive Leads and Turn Them Into Profit

At Digital Gold HQ, our lead generation and conversion optimisation services are based on the three tactics we have always found to be the most effective and which deliver the best return on investment.

  • Email Marketing: Email marketing remains by far one of the most effective methods of generating leads from new and repeat customers. It has solid success rates, is relatively low-cost, and can be scaled up significantly with only modest increases to the effort and financial outlay required.
  • Lead Magnet Creation: Business relationships are much like personal relationships; breaking the ice is usually the hardest part. Lead magnets provide something that will make it easy to get the attention of leads in the initial stages, drawing them in and making them want to introduce themselves.
  • Inbound Lead Generation: Inbound leads are customers who come to you already interested in your products, as opposed to customers you have actively approached cold. However, getting them to come to you still requires effort in the form of putting out ads, running exciting promotions and generally doing everything possible to raise awareness of your brand. Getting this right can be a powerful way to bring promising leads to your business. Most likely these will be leads who are already thinking about buying.

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To talk to our lead generation and conversion optimisation team and to find out more about confronting the challenges facing your business, please get in touch. Call Nina Epellé on +(0)203 598 8661 or email us at info@digitalgoldhq.com.

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