For years, Facebook has been the top social media platform, connecting millions of people every day. While it is excellent for socialising, it is also an ideal business platform, allowing you to reach and connect with people from across the globe.

However, fruitful connections can only be made with successful marketing campaigns, and so it is important to know the trends for Facebook so that you can create the best possible campaign. Here are five Facebook marketing trends you need to know about that will help you to connect with thousands of potential customers.

It’s all about mobile, compatibility is crucial

Over half the users on Facebook are using mobile devices to view their newsfeed and pages that they like or may be interested in. Of course, people are still using desktops and laptops to view these pages as well, but smartphones are on the rise – and that is where Facebook is really starting to focus.

For the first time, mobile advertising is set to account for over 50% of ad expenditure across the globe. These are huge numbers, and they are only set to grow over the years.

When it comes to Facebook marketing for your business, you need to make sure it is mobile friendly and that everything is accessible from a smartphone.

Instagram is rising, get with the programme

Instagram is open to businesses that don’t have an account with them to set up ad campaigns in the form of pictures or videos. These native ads have call to action buttons that allow for direct responses, and they appear on user feeds.

Businesses who have used Instagram advertising through Facebook have seen a substantial increase in sales as a result of the campaign. It is looking to become a critical part of marketing via Facebook, so it is well worth looking into it.

Analytics are key, get comfortable with your metrics

With the rise of digital advertising and sales comes difficulty finding out what your customers like and what they are not interested in. Analytics register what is happening on your website, as well as the campaigns that receive the most clicks and interactions.

As your customers move across devices, the analytics become more intelligent, showing you what works best, which devices are most commonly used, and the posts/advertisements that receive the most engagement.

Analytics will not only help your company grow, but also develop a better relationship with your customers. Therefore, it’s well worth the time investment to learn your way around tools such as Facebook Insights and make a review of your analytics part of your daily social media marketing routine.

Videos are trending, so don’t be shy

Many advertisers are increasing their video ad campaign budgets by massively significant amounts. There is more and more video integration on Facebook in the form of advertisements, from the simple video ad to the engaging and exciting carousel video advertising.

Recently, the ability to record live videos has been introduced so that customers can engage in a live Q&A with you. When creating a video ad, remember to make it short and snappy, as well as engaging for viewers. It shouldn’t be like a TV spot, and it needs to showcase your products in a vivid and visual manner.

Shy about speaking on camera? Don’t be! There are many simple and easy ways to start video marketing campaigns for your business, and many of them require you to neither appear nor speak on camera. So, what are you waiting for?

The international market is looming, go travel

Thanks to platforms like Facebook, we have a wider connection with the international market – allowing our advertising campaigns to travel across oceans in order to reach new potential customers. With increased access to the Asian market, there are 4.3 billion new people that you can connect with through your innovative ad campaigns.

Using target audiences when creating your campaigns, means that you can select to advertise in these countries for relatively low prices, expanding your reach and making new connections. Of course, it can take time to build these relations, but that is where analytics comes in once again to help you understand what the market wants.

The Perfect Social Media Marketing Campaign

All of this might seem a little daunting for the completely uninitiated. You’d be forgiven for giving up in frustration before you’ve really started. However, with almost 2 billion monthly active users and over $8.3 billion in Q1 ad sales in 2017, Facebook is definitely doing something right. My advice, take a little time to research what your biggest competitors are doing on Facebook. Find out how often they post, what type of content they post, and what level of engagement they achieve. See for yourself what works and what tanks. Also, try to identify the biggest and the best in your industry, whether they’re direct competitors or not. Who is leading the charge, delivering that gold standard that everyone wants to emulate? Study them carefully and draw inspiration from their successes. This research will be invaluable when it comes to crafting your own Facebook marketing strategy.

And of course, feel free to contact us at any time with your questions and concerns. At Digital Gold HQ, we have a talented team of social media experts who spend all day, every day, creating, reviewing, tweaking and publishing social media posts. We have a wealth of experience that we’re more than happy to share. Why not call us now +44 (0) 203 598 8661 to see how we might help? Alternatively, you can email us at

Nina Epellé
Nina Epellé
Founder and Principal Consultant, Digital Gold HQ

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