Thinking about starting a blog for you or your company but not quite sure if it’s worth all the effort? There are many reasons ways in which writing a blog can be very beneficial for both you and your company.

Nowadays, there seems to be trillions of different web pages clamouring for our attention online. Quite literally, trillions. Take blogging, for example, a causal search on Google with the question why should I blog, yielded over a billion search results. Yes, over 1.2 billion to be more precise.

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So, with so much competition online, you might be asking yourself, why bother blogging? Well, along with the business benefits of promoting your brand, it might surprise you to learn that the whole process of blogging, of writing or creativity in general, can be wonderfully cathartic. The very exercise of sitting down to codify and organise your knowledge has great benefits for you and your audience.

Here’s what Mark Schaefer has to say on the subject.

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Not convinced yet? Well, you could always start by reading through the 1.2 billion search results on why you should blog – courtesy of Google.

Nina Epellé
Nina Epellé
Founder and Principal Consultant, Digital Gold HQ

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