We all know the score, you start the week with every intention of capitalising on your LinkedIn profile, developing connections with potential clients, or looking for ways to boost your brand’s profile. However, it’s already Thursday afternoon, you’re still working through Tuesday’s to-do list and it looks like you’ll have to pull another all nighter on Friday. Hmm, not good!

For some, LinkedIn seems all too daunting. We sometimes feel intimidated because LinkedIn is supposed to be the ‘professional’s platform’ – polished, smart, serious. We’re far more comfortable with the relaxed and casual tones of Facebook and Twitter where we can be ourselves, much as we would chatting with friends in a bar on Friday night (if you ever finish that to-do list). But, when it comes to LinkedIn, it feels more like a mid-week corporate lunch with our SVP. We freeze, we clam up, we overthink the agenda.

Here’s the good news. Have you looked at LinkedIn lately? Go on, take a look, examine the feeds of your connections and see what people are actually sharing. LinkedIn definitely has a much more casual tone to it. Generally, active users are more, well, active actually. They post frequent status updates, they share updates from the companies they follow and they publish their own blogs to LinkedIn’s publishing platform Pulse. Want to know the latest LinkedIn statistics? LinkedIn now has over 400 million members across 200 countries, with one-third of its members logging in everyday.

But what do these numbers really mean, and why are they important to you? LinkedIn is on the up. Business networking is on the up. And people are universally becoming much more savvy about how to use LinkedIn’s platform to achieve their professional and business goals. Worse, to be taken seriously these days, people generally expect, nay, demand, an up-to-date, polished and attractive LinkedIn profile. That means you should include a professional profile picture, details of your relevant employment history and academic qualifications, and better still, presentations, links and mixed media files that showcase your talents and skills.

So, don’t be shy, get out there and start using LinkedIn to grow your network, increase your influence, cultivate potential clients, build brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. You can achieve all of these goal and more, even if you spend as little as five minutes each day on the platform. Check out this fabulous infographic from Bluewire Media that shows exactly how to get the most out of LinkedIn with just 5 minutes per day.

The best thing to do? Schedule this in your diary. Personally, 5-10 min immediately before lunch or tea is a really good plan. And while you’re on your break, instead of immediately reaching for Facebook/Snapchat/Twitter/etc., spend an extra 5 minutes on your mobile device, cultivating your LinkedIn engagements – keeping your profile relevant, interesting and most of all, front of mind.

I do hope you enjoy these tips. Please feel free to share your experiences with us below. 


Infographic: 15 Minute LinkedIn Marketing Plan

Nina Epellé
Nina Epellé
Founder and Principal Consultant, Digital Gold HQ

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