How often have you searched for a contact on LinkedIn and found only a half-arsed, lazy or incomplete profile? Or worse, one without a profile picture? Really annoying, isn’t it? It makes you wonder why people bother creating a LinkedIn profile if they’re not going to do it properly. And yet, we all know that an outstanding profile can to lead to increased prospects and engagement. So why not invest a little time this week in polishing up yours?

It’s worth spending a little time every month reviewing your LinkedIn profile and making sure it’s up-to-date with the latest projects that showcase your most valued talents. Even if you’re a Small Business Owner (SMO) focusing on your brand’s growth, your LinkedIn company page will enjoy additional credibility benefits if you and your employees’ LinkedIn profiles have been tweaked to perfection. And although you can hardly insist your employees link to or follow your company page, you can certainly set a good example by maintaining your own LinkedIn profile, actively engaging with your connections and using LinkedIn’s platform to develop and grow your brand’s profile and prospects.

If you’re short on time, don’t worry. There’s plenty that you can achieve with just 5 minutes of LinkedIn marketing per day. If you aspire to become a LinkedIn pro by using LinkedIn to strategically market your company and generate leads, it’s worth reading our previous article on 19 Essential LinkedIn Tips for Every Small Business Owner which will help you develop a daily LinkedIn marketing plan. These activities, once successfully implemented, will undoubtedly shine a spotlight on you and will likely draw more traffic to your profile. Therefore, before you launch deep into your LinkedIn networking activities, make sure you spend a little time getting your in house order so that you present the best possible version of yourself on LinkedIn.

I’ve found this infographic from the team at Maximise Your Social very helpful. Follow these simple steps to ignite your LinkedIn profile and ensure you standout from the crowd. Like most marketing endeavours, converting connections into customers takes single-minded determination coupled with a well thought out strategic plan. However, all of your efforts will count for nothing if your profile is stale, out of date and uninspiring. Invest the time and effort in updating your LinkedIn profile now, and the rewards to you and your business are sure to follow.


Infographic: 17 LinkedIn Profile Must-haves

Nina Epellé
Nina Epellé
Founder and Principal Consultant, Digital Gold HQ

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